The Only Web-Capture Tool You’ll Ever Need

Cappture has numerous features to help you save and share snapshots of important web-pages.

Full Screen Captures

Instantly save, full screen snapshots of web-pages to your dashboard. 


We capture the full page content and save it in multiple formats – web (HTML), Image (png) and as a document (pdf).   

Secure Cloud Storage

All your snapshots are safely stored in our secure online archive so you can access them anytime and anywhere. 

Permanent Copies

No more dead links. 

Saving a snapshot of a web page using Cappture save a permanent, verifiable copy to your archive.



Easy to Organise

Web snapshots can be tagged and organised into folders so you can create collections of captures based on a specific theme.  

Easy to Share

Share individual snapshots or groups using a special URL. 


Privacy Control

Mark folders as public or private to control who can see them. 

Powerful API

Our dedicated archiving service is available via our API service, giving developers a powerful and flexible way to capture, save and retrieve web-pages on demand.  


Coming Soon...

  • Bots. Automatically capture a series of screenshots at regular intervals. 
  • Alerts. Trigger alerts based on the contents of the screenshot captured. 
  • Cloud Export. Automatically save your captures to Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services.
  • Advanced Capture Settings. Set advanced capture setting such as request location, time delays or pop-up hiding.


"If you don't have an E-mail address, you're in the Netherworld. If you don't have your own World Wide Web page, you're a nobody."

 ~ Clifford Stoll