Save important research data and references

Web content is easily lost. Protect your academic work by saving permanent copies of important content, data and online references. 

Cappture helps academics save, organise and share snapshots of important web pages and online content.

Protect References 

Cappture saves encrypted and time-stamped snapshots of web pages, so content referenced in your work is never lost.  

If the original source is subsequently edited or deleted – no problem, your Cappture snapshot will always be available as evidence.

Organise & Share

Once saved, you can tag, organise and share collections of snapshots. 

Need to share a reading-list with colleagues or students? Simply add your snapshots to a folder and share the link. 

Always Available

All snapshots are permanently saved to our secure cloud-based archive. 

Access all your data anywhere, any time

Automate your work with our powerful API 

Integrate the full power of Cappture into your own software or website using our comprehensive API.  

  • Save web snapshots on demand
  • Retrieve snapshots from your account
  • Use Cappture URLs as a permanent reference 

The Only Archive Tool You’ll Ever Need

Don’t risk losing important references or online materials. Use Cappture to save snapshots and we’ll keep a permanent copy for you. 

Live Snapshots

Capture data whilst it’s online.

Use Cappture to save permanent snapshots of original content, posts and pages. 

Accurate and Verifiable

Be sure the content is valid with our encrypted, timestamped and verifiable captures. 

Group and Share

Organise your snapshots into sharable folders.