We all understand that the internet has changed the world. It’s changed the way we meet, study, do business and buy things. It provides access to vast amounts of knowledge and information and, for the most savvy social media users, it’s created a vast ‘influencer’ market where active and opinionated content creators can make millions through advertising deals.

What it hasn’t done is fixed the world. At least not yet, and in many ways it has either complicated existing problems or made them much worse.

School bullies have new and often hidden ways to bully their classmates, dishonest traders make false claims and sell fake goods online, conspiracy theories spread like wildfire through internet forums and social media echo-chambers pander to our prejudices.  Given how cheap, easy and effective we have made online communications, it’s no surprise that dishonest politicians, criminal gangs and some parts of the media have also exploited the internet to sow division, and create fear and mistrust which they feed from.

To compound the problem, the ever-changing nature of the internet and ability to quickly edit and delete online info, gives the liars and cheats an added advantage – they simply change the content and deny it ever existed. If you take a screenshot and they will claim it is fake.

In short, we have have an internet where it is easy to lie, but very difficult to prove. We have endless tools that help people communicate and very few tools that hold people, businesses or governments accountable for what they say.

Cappture is an attempt to redress this imbalance by providing a simple service that captures, encrypts and saves a provable copy of online information.  By timestamping permanent ‘capptures’ we make it super easy to ‘prove it’ whenever bad actors publish content online

Ultimately, we can’t stop people misbehaving online, but we can help to hold them accountable.

With the support of Startup Wise Guys, Europe’s most experienced B2B startup accelerator, we launched the first version of Cappture in May 2020 and we are already working hard to improve the service and add new features.

We are also investing heavily in our ‘archive api’ as this makes it super-easy for developers to integrate the Cappture software into their own products and services.

If you would like to try the service or register for an account, please contact us at info@cappture.cc and we will be happy to help.